Temperture Influence on the Rheological Behaviour of Cementitous Pastes Prepared with Air-entraining Admixtures

Autores: Romano, Roberto Cesar de O.; Pileggi, Rafael G.

Revista: Applied Rheology (doi)

Disponivel online: 08 de Dezembro de 2011

Cementitious pastes prepared with air-entraining admixtures (AEA) are very sensitive to mix procedures and environmental conditions. Some of the effects of AEA on the properties of  cementitious material are discussed in literature, although for the most part, only in the hardened state. However, the impact temperature has on air-incorporation during the early age stages and on consolidation has been little investigated and as such, is the objective of this work. Thus, pastes formulated with Portland cement and air-entraining admixtures are evaluated in this work with a focus on the role temperature plays in the early age behavior. The results show that air-incorporation was affected by environmental conditions which caused changes in the kinematic viscosity
and rate of consolidation.