Evaluation of transition from fluid to elastic solid of cementitious pastes with bauxite residue using oscillation rheometry and isothermal calorimetry

Autores: Romano, Roberto Cesar de O.; Liberato, Caio, C.; Montini, Marcelo; Gallo, Jorge B.; Cincotto, Maria A. Pileggi, Rafael G.

Revista: Applied Rheology (doi)

Disponivel online: 10 de Janeiro de 2013

This work evaluates the impact of using bauxite residue (BR) as filler addition in cementitious compositions, during the early ages of transformation from the viscous fluid phase to an elastic solid. Chemical reaction and consolidation (physical phenomena of hardening) were also correlated. The chemical reaction rate was accompanied using isothermal calorimetry and the consolidation measured using oscillatory rheometry (quantifying the storage modulus – G’ and relating with yield stress, s0). The results show that BR accelerates the cement hydration reaction, but in pastes with pure cement, consolidation was faster, showing a distinct effect on the fluid-solid transition.