Permeability optimization and performance evaluation of hot aerosol filters made using foam incorporated alumina suspension

Autores: Innocentini, Murilo D.M.; Rodrigues, Vanessa P.; Romano, Roberto Cesar de O.; Pileggi Rafael G.; Silva, Gracinda M.C.; Coury, José R.

Revista: Journal of Hazardous Materials (doi)

Disponivel online: 13 de Maio de 2008

Porous ceramic sampleswere prepared from aqueous foam incorporated alumina suspension for application as hot aerosol filtering membrane. The procedure for establishment of membrane features required to maintain a desired flow condition was theoretically described and experimental work was designed to prepare ceramic membranes to meet the predicted criteria. Two best membranes, thus prepared, were selected for permeability tests up to 700 ◦C and their total and fractional collection efficiencies were experimentally evaluated. Reasonably good performance was achieved at room temperature, while at 700 ◦C, increased permeability was obtained with significant reduction in collection efficiency, which was explained by a combination of thermal expansion of the structure and changes in the gas properties.